Sunday, December 13, 2009


Here are some wicked cool examples of parallel evolution!!
Basically there are 2 main kinds of mammals, marsupials and placentals, In Eurasia and Africa placentals were the most popular, but in some other parts of the world like South America and Australia their rolls were filled by marsupial versions, Here is the marsupial version of a dog or thylacine

Check oot about 2.20 in where it opens its jaw super wide! (they can do that) Also please note that it sometimes stands on what corresponds to the human heel part of the foot (dogs are always on their "toes")
They were unfortunately extinctified by humans only recently, though there are rumours that there might be a few left ekeing out an existence somewhere in Tasmania

Next up Thylacosmilus A cooler marsupial version of a sabre-tooth tiger, with massive cool chin bones!!

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  1. "Official protection of the species by the Tasmanian government was introduced on 10 July 1936, 59 days before the last known specimen died in captivity." - Good work, lads!