Saturday, May 18, 2013

Remember winamp?

What do you play audio on your computer with?
I recently installed winamp lite (Just like the oldskool winamp) as my deafult audio player.
I'm actually really impressed. I'd forgotten how good it was, or maybe my standards for what I expect in a program have lowered over the years. (Due to the rising prevalence of bloat)
Its very lightweight in terms of memory/cpu.. It loads up more or less instantly + imo the UI design is fantastic; elegant and highly functional. It takes up such a tiny amount of space on your screen yet has a lot of functionality and you can very intuitively re-size and remove or swap out the UI elements.
There are lots of great little touches too, for instance if you stop a track it will not stop instantly but add a tiny little fade out to make it easier on your ears.

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