Friday, April 19, 2013

Classic game install.. Frontier: Elite II

I think I'll install and play Frontier: Elite II

I've actually never played an elite game but I wanted to. I loved privateer, freespace and X3
X3 is amazing and they have been developing the series for years now but elite 2 actually looks more ambitious than anything that has ever been attempted since. ie you can fly all over space and then seamlessly down to the surface of a planet which will have seas, continents, an atmosphere, clouds, cities, spaceports and other features. Apparently it is very deep, aswell as being able to go anywhere do anything there is apparently in-game politics at work and even a regular newspaper you can read!

It look great too, just have a look at the first 20 seconds of this..

Its freeware now and there is an updated graphics open GL version available

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