Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recommendation for very good film! (also questionable rant by me!)

Just saw this film and I highly recommend it. Its about the underground video journalists who report the news in Burma (video cameras and such are not allowed there) The film focuses on the recent popular uprising there (in late 2007 remember?) that was put down cruelly by the miltary dictatorship much like the one in 1988.

Editorial by Brian (or, why I am in favour of violence!):
Honestly I dont get the idea of "peaceful protest" Che Guevara may have been a crazy monster-like figure but I agree with him on certain points, one is that when he was invited by friends (when he was young) to join an anti-government protest he replied that he wouldnt go out on the street without a gun. Too right! whats the point of getting a big crowd of people together and marching when you will just be tear-gassed and shot and arrested?
If all those burmese monks stopped wasting their time praying and such and instead trained as elite guerilla troops they would kick ass! (It is worth noting that burmese guerilla's working with SOE totally kicked the japaneses ass in WWII) I cant think of a single example of a completely peaceful revolution against an oppressive regieme (even gandhi had to kick some bottom!)


  1. Here's a revolution that was supposedly peaceful - the 'Singing Revolution' in good 'ol Estonia:

  2. There's also the much cooler sounding 'Bulldozer Revolution' in which the Serbian people supposedly non-violently removed Slobodan Milosovic from power:

  3. dammit! well, I just think violence is cool ok!