Monday, February 1, 2010


Remember I was so excited when the worlds 1st tokamak fusion reactor plant to actually produce electricity was started for to being built? Well, the Americans are also making progress (though they havent even actually achieved fusion yet..losers!) with GIANT FUCKING LASERS!!

I havent seen on their website how they plan to make a power plant with this technique, presumably they keep firing it like a machine gun and keep adding more fuel pellets, maybe they could have many chambers and fire them in sequence, it seems (to my ingorant layperson self) that this could be more practical than the tokamak where there is always a danger of the whole machine actually evaporating and also getting stuff in and out of the delicate plasma stream is tricky (necessitating the coconut husks and all that)

oh ok I found out it turns out they are not really sure yet, it "poses significant R&D challenges" ahahahahahahaaa!

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