Thursday, February 25, 2010


Some guy" who has mastered the art of playing flute and beatboxing simultaneously, at first I thought this was some sort of joke/edited thing but apparently not, he is in some band and has albums and stuff (I guess it could still all be a joke tho!)

EDIT: also something about this guy makes me immediately hate him really intensely for no reason. Maybe Im just jealous of his flute/beatbox skills....(also that eyebrow thing at the end of the video)

Also as a chilling counterpoint to that here is a bear with chainsaw arms, now thats a killin' machine!!!


  1. Nah, the flute and beatboxing thing is very impressive, but the constant whacky wide-eyed staring \ eyebrow thing is definately enough reason to hate him! Plus the casual "bored in a hotel" title, i.e. I don't just waste my downtime like the rest of you talentless unproductive jerks! Stupid skilful bastard!

  2. ps. I assume that bear drawing is a police artist's sketch based on an eyewitness description?

  3. yeah for the insurance fraud crime + tax evasion and misreprestation and libel. He is one baaad bear!

  4. Also jaywalking and lying under oath!