Monday, February 8, 2010

Brian: internet dectective!

Here are 2 things I found... on the internet!!
I remember a while back I saw this article in newscientist about a particular mysterious species of endangered amphibious cat.
Then in english russia there were pictures of some bastards with one of them in their apartment as a pet!! The people are in the pictures! someone should find out who they are and have them arrested!!

Admittedly it does seem like a fairly awesome pet, also they are becoming extict in the wild due to loss of habitat and people just killing them for no reason (also getting caught in fishing nets and then eaten!) but still! providing a market as pets will just give those crazy south east asians another reason to hunt them! You should only be allowed to have them as pets if you have like, 30 of them and are breeding them!
Still what am I worrying about, millions of animal species are about to/in the process of going extict, c'mon next permian extinction event!! woo!

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