Friday, January 15, 2010

This is wrong an a very large number levels

Only watch this video if you want to get parky-aids. You don't want parky-aids, do you? It's vicious combination of parkinsons and aids, which you can get from watching this video.


  1. I dont get it? is it cus clapton is "whoring himself out" he's always been a whore!! I am so sick of people thinking eric clapton was good!! I'd put cream in the same bag as the rolling stones, incredibly overrated- obviously they had some good songs, some really good songs! great songs! but a lot of them were covers of blues songs, and the ones that werent covers were blatant rip offs, also the majority of their stuff is terrible, have you ever listened to their actual albums? 80% of the songs are shit!!
    Also I would like to mention "the who" at this point, but I think a lot of people realise how shit the who were, they have one really good song... thats it.
    Anyway welcome to the fold cian! by the way are you going to also turn this into a mobile phone blog? Is this the beginning of some kind of hostile takeover!?

  2. I like more than one song by The Who... or as I like to call them; The Whom.

    - Behind Blue Eyes.
    - Who Are You.
    - Won't Get Fooled Again.
    - My Generation.

    Are all good songs in my opinion. Other than that they are shit though and therefore, yes, they are vastly overrated.