Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Old school entertainment.

Does anyone else miss Apocalypse? No, I don't mean THE Apocalypse with The Four Horsemen and all the big explosions.

I mean does anyone miss Apocalypse from X-men (and yeah, all the other X-men too).

I really miss all the shows I used to watch as a young lad. I'm sure if I watched them now they'd lose some (or all) of there splendor. The human mind can be great at improving things be how our memories tell us things were as apposed to how they actually were. Its like transformers; I loved that show when I was younger but watching it again now its just so bad. Well I guess thats one of the downsides of growing up, you lose the childhood ability to watch anything as long as it is colourfull enough.

P.S: I mainly made this post because someone [cough] Mr.Purple Cat Esq [cough] said that it was becoming to game orientated... but also because I am quite bored and feeling nostalgic.


  1. Agh!.. so.. many.. spelling and grammatical errors! Urge to correct.. rising!
    Its ok, your obviously just high on "goofballs" but I dig your main point, as you get older you become more of an asshole! I find that with video games, when I was a kid I would play the same game to death for aaages and getting a new game (any game!) was a big deal! Now I can just download anything I want from the internet at any time but I'm not that excited about it, Its more and more rare that I even beat a game nowadays..
    Also you'll notice that you become more and more right wing/fashistic as you get older, no matter how lefty/democratic you are, by the time your about 40 you'll basically be hitler! (though you may *claim* to be left wing, like stalin)

  2. Uh oh... I already am ultra right wing (I'm Neo-Hitler), so what will I be like by the time I'm 40?

  3. Yeah, same here... I was thinking about that too, I'm going to go with some sort of invincible monster-like manifestation of pure fascism... sort of like a water elemental except fascism!