Monday, January 4, 2010


This internet thing is sort of turing into "all video game" internet thing, so to shake things up a little here are some robots!

Heres a creepy robot hand by the reassuringly named "shadow robot company"
It is actually quite cool about a minute in when you get to see its arm...

Alos the toyota "violin playing robot" from just over 2 years ago...

Its not very impressive IMO, did you notice it cannot change its hand position to play the higher notes in that song!? BIGDOG is still king of the robots!!
Still, apparently boston dynamics were aiming to market bigdog to the military as a sort of robotic pack mule, tho I cant imagine what advantages they suppose it has over an actual flesh and blood pack mule in terms of price, fuel efficiency, endurance, intelligence, terrain/weather conditions it can operate in and so on. I guess "bigdog" will not run away if some artillery goes off near it, probably it can take a few bullets too.
My solution therefore is an armoured and tranquilised pack mule.. hmm, perhaps we can gentetically alter them to have bullet-proof chitinous exoskeletons! that would be sweet!!! ... Its not that far fetched! they had spider silk producing goats back in 2000!!

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