Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ever read a comic called "Kick-Ass" ?? Its quite good! Very reminiscent of Sin-City (Its even written by a guy called "Millar" !) but sort of a contemporary "teen" Sin-City instead of noir Marv one.
Also they are making a film of it, so read the comic now before the film ruins it! (probably)

It does look like it will be shit... (actually the film trailer also has "marv" at the beginning!? coincidence? or obscure conspiratorial plot!!!??)


  1. Yeah, it'll probably be shit in comparison to the comic and thats why you should see the movie first, because then you can enjoy the movie then read the comic and enjoy that too. Rather than read the comic and enjoy it and then see the movie and hate it because its bad be comparison...

    ...the book/comic is always better than the movie adaptation.

    But personally I've been looking forward to this movie for a week or two now and have been looking to buy the comic but nowhere in Navan has it in stock yet because Navan is Sh*t!

  2. Yes, i must concede that point...
    Regarding your 2nd point, buy it on the internet!! or better still, just illegally download a .cbr version of it for free!

  3. I like to own things rather than download them. I like having the material thing in my possession. That way I'm not relying on my almost dead computer for all my entertainment stuff.

    Also I just like collecting things in their proper form, because I'm sentimental like that.

    .. but you point about buying it online is valid, assuming you mean ordering a physical copy online and not just buying a version to save to my hard-drive.

  4. yes, correct. Also the film *may* be good, I think just maybe the way the trailer is edited + music and whatnot make it look worse possibly.
    It certainy could be a great film, the actual comic is really short so even a really comprehensive film version should remain short and punchy and avoid the "cramming too much stuff into 2 1/2 hours" (watchmen) or "leaving half of the stuff out" syndromes.
    Also while I'm mentioning it making a film of watchmen was stupid, it should have been a mini-series (the whole comic is sort of structured like that, it would have worked really nicely!)

  5. Watchmen had a great opening credits sequence. I really enjoyed it.

    P.S: I tried embedding it from Youtube, but Youtube has embedding disabled for all videos containing the watchmen opening credits that I could find. So find it yourself!... Just type in 'Watchmen - Opening Credits' and click on the top video, its a good quality one.

  6. Yes! It did have a great opening credits! with bob dylan! That was probably the best part of the film

  7. Yup, that and the part where Rorschach (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) says "You don't seem to realise; I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me!" That was sheer badassery... (yep just made up another word).