Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Interesting Flash Movie.

Here is a very cool little flash movie.

NewGrounds.com - The Pigpen

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  1. Strong stuff! very good, actually I was a bit taken aback to see such a "serious art thing" in newgrounds, I wasnt expecting it, but that just added to its impact.
    Also you'll be pleased to know I joined newgrounds, it is quite the excellent site!

  2. Note: It kinda felt like the "ok computer era radiohead music video that never was (with very little actual music in it)" actually I reckon you could just dump a track on top of it and it would work pretty well.

  3. I have another video from NewGrounds for you. I'll put it on this notblog for you. Its not as hard hitting as 'The Pigpen' but its equally high production quality.

  4. Note: Glad to hear you joined NewGrounds. If you decide you like checking out a few flashes a day don't forget that if you vote on five flashes a day your voting power grows... Its progressive Democracy.