Tuesday, January 12, 2010


hey everyone likes "THE MOON" right?

Anyway if your bored of always looking at just one side, here is the other one! I just randomly decided I wanted to see it and also everyone else should too!

Note: there is a sort of optical illusion when you look at the moon, ever notice the way it looks all the same brightness like a disc and not satisfyingly sphere-like like the example to the left? Thats cus there are so many craters with steep sides, cliffs and such; in the middle of the moon the cliffs are perpendicular to you, and the more you look towards the edges they more they are facing you. It ends up that the amount of light reflected back remains about the same all the way across, so the moon looks sorta flat. Not like a proper planetary body like uranus* (below)

*(hehehe!) Also I am paraphrasing all that from memory so maybe its all like totally wrong y'know!?


  1. My God, that looks almost exactly like my ass.

  2. which one, the cratery one? or the perfectly smooth featureless blue sphere?

  3. I will leave that up to your imagination. But as I am not Dr. Manhattan, it should not be hard to figure out.