Friday, January 15, 2010


Ok, to balance out all the blatantly man-things I just posted here is a talk by a "woman" about biosphere 2.

I was going to put up these nice pictures of how it looks nowadays but they have been taken down from the internet!
Heres one that is left!

Also something that has been troubling me, that guy who turns up in futurama and stuff sometimes, he was in some film apparently called "biodome" who the hell is he!!?? that is definitly something I completely missed during my no tv/newspaper/radio period... I'm still in that period I guess but now I have the internet!
Also I had no knowledge of this biosphere 2 project either! I would have been interested in that!


  1. You mean Pauly Shore who appeared in the 1996 movie Bio-Dome.

    Pauly Shore

  2. yeah, who the hell is he!!?? WHO IS HEEEEE!!!??

    seriously, he's turnes up in a few futurama'a he like a 2ndary character at this stage, along with Al Gore

  3. Well if you want to know who he is follow the link I left in my last message.