Monday, December 7, 2009


lots of nice pics on the spitzer space telescopes website
how about this one of the crappily named triangulum galaxy which (i think) is currently having bits ripped off it by the andromeda galaxy, apparently both of them and our galaxy will all crash into one another in about 3 billion years! (but dont worry! the likelyhood of actual stuff crashing into other stuff is very low as galaxies are almost completely composed of empty space)

ultraviolet light from young stars glimmers blue, near-ultraviolet light from intermediate age stars glows green, and dust rich in organic molecules burns red. This image is a 3-band composite including far infrared as red.

Also these spitzer guys have released a GIGApixel composite photo of our galaxy that you can download Actually I'm suprised someone hasnt put it up on some gigapixel viewer thingy on the net yet, someone should do that. not me tho!!!

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