Tuesday, December 29, 2009

REVIEW: AVATAR (new super-"all text" post!!!)

Just saw "avatar". Its great!!!... Well, its not so much great, its more that theres nothing particularly wrong with it, If the film were a man he would have no major deformities, missing limbs etc. Also he would be wearing an incredibly large and ornate special effects hat, made from solid gold!!! The hat would also glow with a scintillating pattern of vivd colours which entrance and amaze passers by!
Translation of my complex metaphor: James Cameron didnt horribly fuck up avatar so you can sit back and enjoy the amazing special effects everyones going on about. Here are some examples of how he didnt horribly fuck it up.

  • Its punchy! it never drags + he doesnt milk any particular scenes
  • Its internally consistent and logical! no major plot holes (This is something that is rarer and rarer nowadys!)
  • Preachiness and also lovey dovey scenes kept to a minimum!
  • 3rd act doesnt drag on forever! (This is something that is rarer and rarer nowadays!)
  • Simple straighforward plot in classic "protagonist starts off clueless and then gets better and then all is almost lost but then he saves the day! (and gets the girl too!)" mould

So go see it! Please support young indie directors like James Cameron, he needs your money!! Now I think I'll go do some drawings to further explain my "hat" metapor

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