Thursday, December 31, 2009


This time I am recommending what is called in modern nomenclature a "video game"

It called Machinarium, I just finished it and its very very very very good! Its an adventure game! remember those!? and while it may be no monkey island 2 it..... wait, you see thats the thing! Of course nothing can ever come close to monkey island 2 (its untouchable baby!) but I couldnt stop comparing machinarium to it. Thats how good machinarium is! It fails when compared to monkey island 2 but everything does! The salient fact here is that it is actually in the same ball park in terms of greatness as monkey island 2! It is possible to make a comparison!!

Anyway you can try out the demo HERE you can also buy and download it to keep and cherish forever for 20 Dollars (that is only 14 Euro!!!) also, you get the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting an indie whatever or other, Also you get to download the soundtrack for free!! Did I mention that the soundtrack is amazing!! Perhaps even better than monkey island 2. MONKEY ISLAND TWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! AAAAGGGH!!!

note: here are some examples of the music....

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