Thursday, December 10, 2009


I think all the stuff here is really interesting!!, meant to be a load of "abandoned places" (theres a great one from the USA "centralia" where an underground mine fire has been continuing to burn for years and rendered the area uninhabitable!)
But my favourite is this place which really doesnt fit the "abandoned" criteria, but who cares its totally cool!!

Its a district of Hong Kong, that has been built up haphazardly by its inhabitants over about 15 years with little or no planning, architects, engineers and whatnot involved, Its like modern vernacular architecture! (I cant believe I wrote that!!) Its basically one huge building with snaky corridors running through it at various levels, apparently it was (it has been knocked down!!) a notorious den of drugs, prostitution, secret factories etc.!!!
Anyway this place makes my imagination go crazy, it makes me want to write a book or something!!

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