Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ever get the feeling over the past 10 years that your life has been missing something? something important? Well this is probably just what youve been looking for!! A 70 minutes long critique of star wars: the phantom menace!!! yay!
Must say its pretty good tho, its thorough and insightful, also ever since I saw that film I think I felt all this needed to be said in a concise and comprehensive way. Finally my soul can rest peacefully!

There is also some kind of unnecessary and IMO not very good meta-narrative about the reviewer killing people or something and also "pizza rolls" dunno what they are but they sound and look good! I guess he's making a point about what kind of person actually makes a 70 minute review about the phantom menace, Oh no!! Now I'm writing a review of a review of the phantom menace! that makes me worse!!!!

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