Monday, November 16, 2009


Ok, brutal legend arrived in the mail today. As you are probably aware, I'm me, and also I can safely say I more or less hate jack black and metal. So, my opinion on brutal legend ..... FUCKING AWESOME!!
Its worth buying just for the ridiculously amazing and genuinely epic first 20 minutes. I reckon its probably best to play in small doses, and such was my plan but looking at the clock now and I was playing for about 4 hours and it still felt like I had just started!
In a word I'd say brutal legend is "fun" it is not a hardcore "gamers game" but it pours a continous high fidelity stream of amazing visuals, amusing one liners, and gratuitous action into your various face holes!
So far it seems a worthy sucessor to psychomauts (but not monkey island 1,2 and grim fandango, nothin' can touch them!!)


  1. Interesting, really would not have thoguht it your tyoe of game... that is based on a very small amount I know about the game. Might play it some time to see for my self.