Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Let me ask you a question which has plagued philosophers, methematicians* and plumbers alike for generations: If some giant statues were somehow (probably magic) brought to life, who would win in a fight?
Well, I think I can safely say the statue of liberty and christ the redeemer are screwed!
Check out this righteous babe, made from TITANIUM!! also she has a FUCKING SWORD AND SHIELD!

Also how about this one!?, also armed with a sword and a whopping 85M tall compared to the statue of libertys crappy 46M

Update: Ok it turns out she is actually made from solid concrete!!! Also she is held onto the base by gravity alone, and also the base is subsiding (as she is twice as big as originally planned) so soon she will fall over!!!

Here is the biggest ever tho.. (128M) But hes a pacifist and so loses the fight by default !

I reckon the winner is "the motherland calls" except unless the puny GUNDAM statue (c.20M) has full use of his various powers, flight, laser swords etc.
Anyway, what are your crazed/drunken opinions? the world needs to know!

* A methematician is person who has the particular skill of being able to consume large quantities of crystal meth!

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