Monday, November 23, 2009

BRUTAL LEGEND: FINAL REPORT (note: I am sick of doing that umlaut thing! also dont worry, no spoliers!)

Ok, finished BRUTAL LEGEND last night, In the reviews I read they all said that it tailed off later on... that did not happen!! for me anyway, I wish it was longer! It stayed really fun during the whole experience, also here is a great example of a game made with LOVE, sooooo much!! so many little details, amazing little touches! so much I cant describe it all!! (for instance, my last time loading the game before beating it i realized it has a menu! the menu is amazing!!!!) I think the reviewers have a sort of half valid point when they say its not a very good "game" (my main beef is that some of the main battles (part of the gameplay is a sort of 3rd person rts type thing) are scripted so that you can die easily, like when you do a certain thing and then waay more enemies appear and you die, better to just wait till you have a lot more guys and then do that thing, which was annoying!) but they are confused! I mean if you took off all the graphics and sound and personality and stripped it down to the bare mechanics it would suck! but so would psychonuats and grim fandango and monkey island! BRUTAL LEGEND is an amazing expeeerience that just happens to exist in video game format.
Also I would like to mention something this has that most games dont, and that is: complete synergy of gameplay and story and whatnot, it is all one neat little (amazing) package.
Also considering how camp and silly the whole premise is, this game had the potential to be incredibly laaame, but suprisingly it is actually not lame at all! it is cool, it has poise! it makes other "serious" games look silly! I dont know how they did that!....
In conclusion, I hate metal, but probably Ive just never been in a situation in my life where metal was apporopriate, when your driving down the highway in your insane hotrod though a dali-esque landscape of giant swords, skulls and engine parts populated with demoic beasts with glowing eyes (these are just the "incidental" animals, not the enemies!) then you hit the nitro causing the very earth to shake and huge flames to belch forth as your infernal machine rockets into oblivion: In that situation, metal is appropriate.

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