Friday, November 6, 2009


I'm back!! So which one is qualified as the best music video to ever be in existence!!? I hear you ask. well let us decide it now!
Here are some of my favourites of ALL TIME (including the future)

also this that I cant embed for some reason

and this which I also cant embed for some other reason, or maybe the same reason!?

Actually in my mental brain memory I had noted deadweight by beck and feel good hit of the summer by queens of the stone age as also the best music videos ever, but after watching them again, they werent that good! especially deadweight, it kind of sucked and there were bits from a film from the late 90's I never saw starring ewan mcgreogor "a life less ordinary" did anyone ever see that!?

Send me your favourites and I will post them!


  1. Mmmm, some good videos there. I was never all that big a fan of Kill All Hippies, but Bigger Than Hip-Hop and that Chemical Brothers video are epic.

    You should look for some more modern material, though. I'm sure there are resources out there to find cool recent videos.

  2. huh?
    I havent had tv in a long time, but I'm comfortable in the obviously correct assumption that music videos reached their zenith in the late 90's /early 00's era... and what an era!