Monday, October 12, 2009

Wahoo!! they've started building ITER the next stage of the international fusion project, check out the last stage, the joint european torus .

Did you know that in the JET tokamak they heat plasma to temperatures over 100 Million degrees!? about 10 times hotter than the core of the sun!! and they're doing it in oxfordshire!

Also go here (bottom of the page) to read why coconuts are important in order to build a fusion reactor!


  1. Coconut milk can be used in place of a saline drip because it has the same salt balance as human blood. Also a human can survive on Coconut alone. Coconut husks are used in truck seats and jet seats too. There are also other things Coconuts and their constituent parts are useful for, it just can't remember them right now. Basically they are more useful than water...
    ... Shame I don't like Coconut.

  2. I think coconuts should feature prominently in our new religion.. Also everyone has to wear hawaian shirts! woo!