Friday, October 9, 2009


Awww yeahh!!
Heres what everyone secretly wants to watch ALL THE TIME :
damn! these guys actually seems to be firing bullets at other bullets!! or some such

Interesting factoid: did you know that in order to get any kind of exposure filiming with such a high shutter speed EXTREMELY high power lights must be shone on the subject, and most things being filmed melt or burst into flame within seconds! wahoo!!!

thanks dave


  1. the first 3minutes or so was kinda boring, but when they started firing at glass (and everything after that) it was sooooooooo cool. What was that at the end with loadsa bullets? Was that spread shot from a shot gun do you think?

  2. I guess so, I think earlier they were firing shot at bullets!
    Also did you see those bullets with the "flaps" that open out when they fired them through ballistic gel? I reckon they are designed to horribly grind you up on the inside when somebody shoots you! (and somebody will shoot you....soon!)
    Anyway thats some fairly nasty shit!