Thursday, October 15, 2009


This is waay cool, a flash animation of all the bits of the international space space station being put together in sequence, Also there is info on each module.
It made me think that even though they use the "up" and "down" dimensions and most of the units are cylindrical or some weird shape, everything is still orthagonal ie. connected at 90 degrees. They could have stuff going off at all kinds of crazy angles. Maybe some weird configurations like that might be more efficient?
My pet theory is that the whole pyramid of human engineering/manufacturing etc. is geared towards connecting things at 90 degrees so it would just be more expensive to do otherwise, thoughts anybody?

Actually I thought about it some more and decided that cubes and cuboids are the only 3 dimensional shapes that fit together even when some of them have arbitrarily different dimensions, so If some aliens had tetrahedral or whatnot houses and boxes and stuff they would just be being stupid!

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