Friday, October 9, 2009


  1. Cool robotics video. Amazing how fast and dextorous robotic hands (and other body parts) are getting now, kinda scary because it means that humanity being wiped out by robots is a whoel lot closer.

  2. everyone comments about that!!! but seriously!! it probably cost tens of thousands of dollars to build that, it only operated in a familiar static uncluttered laboratory setting, it probabaly needs constant maintainance and calibration (thats just in the lab, imagine if it got wet!!)
    I think it will be a long long time before macro-engineered robots like that will be more cost effective than getting a few thousand people with petrol bombs and pit traps and sharpened sticks. I mean look at those ninja guys in the last video! I'd like to see a robot do that!
    I'd say the same goes for nano-machines, they'll probably get their asses handed to them by any old bacteria or micro-organism.
    Now, genetically engineered viruses or transgenic human-animal chimeras and such, they could be threatening! why go to all the effort to elaboratly create robots when all the perfectly engineered machinery is right there for use to play with!?

  3. I understood enoguh of that to confidently say; I agree!